Beautiful European Style Doors for your home

Unique, secure, and energy-efficient.

European Style Doors

Sliding Doors

An excellent combination of modernity, energy efficiency, and security, created with the intent to eliminate architectural barriers, conforming to the latest space design trends.

Possibility to make structures up to 6.5 m long and as much as 2.8 m high.

it is possible to build glazed surfaces of surface area up to 13.8 m2.

More details about our Doors

Lift-and-slide door:

This is an advanced solution that makes it possible to install very large glazing panels. The sash may be up to 3.0 m wide, and the passage may be up to 2.9 wide.

This solution makes it possible to install glazing panels with a maximum area of 13.8 m2. The lift-and-slide technology ensures the stability and light operation of the system.

The HST door: 

Can be optionally fitted with an aluminum threshold overlay that makes it easier to cross the threshold in a wheelchair.

The aluminum folding door system:

Allows obtaining full light through the open door. Characterized by the unique aesthetics of the door obtained by an unconventional solution of folding sashes.