Beautiful European Style Windows for your home​

A perfect combination of elegance, aesthetics and modern technology.

Our Window Types:

Aluminum: Aluminum windows are characterized by great durability, resistance to scratches, moisture, and sunlight. Durable aluminum profiles are compatible with the trends of contemporary architecture and perfectly matching the modern family house architecture, as well as larger commercial buildings.

Vinyl: Vinyl windows have been a solution offering good quality, thermal and acoustic insulation at a reasonable price. Vinyl profiles complement modern and classic buildings. 

More details about our windows

6-chamber window profile with a 3mm wall thickness and 70 mm casing depth:

The number of chambers and the profile wall thickness guarantee not only the stability and durability of the window, but most importantly, ensure improved protection against low temperatures and noise. With a smaller sash dimension (108 mm casing), more daylight enters the room, which also reduces heating costs.

Sealed glazing unit with U = 1.0 W/m2k:

The excellent insulation parameters of this sealed glazing unit guarantee low heat loss and thus reduce building heating costs.

1.75 mm thick window sash reinforcement:

The reinforcement made of bent galvanised steel makes it possible to design large-sized windows. The thickness, shape and profile of the reinforcement ensure rigidity, correct function and an unchanged shape of the windows for many years.

Unique design: Lean and elegant profile, with a narrower floating mullion and symmetrically placed handle. 

Accessories: Unique glass gasket finishing solution at the angle of 45°; the glazing bead, harmonized with the sash curvature, and special drain plug improve the visual aesthetic of the window.

Db – The sound parameter:

The efficiency of the sound reduction of the window depends on the type of glass panel, the combination of the thickness of the panels, the presence of protective film, the spacing between the glass panels, and the presence of gas in the glass panel unit.